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Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome you to
Lemon of Troy episode two ef twenty-two

original airdate
May fourteenth, nineteen ninety-five.

Dave Mirkin, showrunner,
executive producer.

Jim Reardon, director.

Welcome to episode two ef sixteen

Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One

original airdate
May twenty-first, nineteen ninety-five.

A last episode.

David Mirkin,
executive producer, showrunner.

Bill Oakley, the other writer.
Josh Weinstein, the other writer.

Welcome to episode two ef oh two
Sideshow Bob Roberts

first broadcast October ninth nineteen ninety-four.

Mark Kirkland, animation director.

Josh Weinstein, writer.
Bill Oakley, the writer.

Dave Mirkin, showrunner,
executive producer.

Welcome to episode eight ef eleven

Radio Bart
originally aired January ninth nineteen ninety-two.

This is episode dee a bee ef twenty

Bart versus Lisa versus the Third Grade
originally broadcast November seventeeth two thousand two.

I'm Al Jean, the executive producer
and showrunner.

Steve Moore, animation director.

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